I have missed posting so much! I think it’s unhealthy how much I love blogging! It’s so fun and thank you all so much for being there with me! Now lets get to the Haul! I went to the mall this weekend and picked up a few things, and I also went and had a little drugstore haul today!


First I bought a Pac Sun daisy sweater ($35.00) which is super comfy and soft. And great for any fun fall or winter event!


These amazing sunglasses from American Eagle ($10.50) are my go to glasses for everyday! I wear them daily since I bought them and they fit my face perfectly!


I also bought tribal leggings from Pac Sun ($19.50) and these are great! I love the pattern on the legs, they’re comfortable, and can be paired with a basic top!



From Forever 21, I bought a cocktail dress with a cute tribal patter ($9.80). This dress is very simple with a basic dress form, but it is the fabric that sets it apart from the rest!



Lastly from the mall, and my favorite, is a Longchamp Small Shopping tote in Navy Blue ($125.00 with the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale). It has the perfect amount of space for all my essentials and more, and it goes with practically every outfit!


Next for the drugstore haul! I Went to Target got all these great goods from Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser (4.00), a Hair Bun shaper ($5.00), Blistex ($0.99) , and L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara ($10.00). I’m just trying out the Clean and Clear face wash for the first time so maybe I’ll do a review! The bun shaper provides me with the perfect bun for any occasion! Blistex is the best for lips (although not the most fashionable), and my lips needed some medical attention (hahaha)! And lastly, my favorite mascara, the L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara, I’ve purchased it before and I loved it, but it became hard and dry, so I made sure to buy more!


(The Blistex is there on the left side, but I think we all know what Blistex looks like!)

I hope this amazing post makes up for the long time I haven’t posted! I love all the thing’s I bought and I hope you do to! I’d absolutely love it if you guys liked and commented and told me what you thought! Thank you so much and keep blogging! ❤


It’s August!

New month which means another chance to request blog post ideas! Do you want more hauls, OOTD, reviews, or tutorials? Is there something new you’d like me to do? Any comments for post that have already been posted? This is your post where you can tell me what you’d like to see in the upcoming month! I really want you guys to talk to me so that I can make this blog even better! Thank you so much for staying with me this long! And don’t forget to comment comment comment! 

Makeup Review: Urban Decay Fun Palette

Ok I decided to do another favorite of mines, a makeup review! I got this palette as a present from my parents and I don’t use it very it very often but I plan to now after discovering how much I enjoy the shadows! Here we go!

Casing: A cute thin pouch, easy to use zipper, quick and easy access to the shadows!



Pricing: Not exactly sure what the price was since it was a present, but currently at Sephora a similar palate is $36.00 (Yikes! Hope they got it for less!)


It even comes with a really cute lip gloss!

Product: Overall I am pleased with this palate, although the colors are not very easy to wear on any ordinary day. But the quality and look of each of the shadows is great.

  • Maui Wowie: Glittery, thick, and pops. I feel like I could combine this eye shadow with any of the other colors in the palette. It blends nicely and is one of my favorite in the palette.
  • Deep End: Bright, different, and sheer. This eyeshadow is very out there so make sure to blend and pair it up wisely so one does not get the clown effect (haha).
  • Sellout: white, light, and nude.  Sellout is a very white eyeshadow, or it could also be considered nude. I don’t favor it very much because of its lack of blending and the way that it is on my skin.
  • Fishnet: metallic, glittery, sheer. Fishnet is a more sheer version of the Freakshow shadow. It also has more of a glitter than Freakshow. I wouldn’t use this color very often because of personal preferences.
  • Stray Dog: natural, matte, muted. This shadow is my favorite out of the whole palette. Its the most natural and I have a greater chance of wearing this shadow. I love how it looks once applied, and it would go great with any liner.
  • Freakshow: metallic, bright, retro. Freakshow is a very metallic color that lays on thick. Its not a sheer shadow at all. This one also pops so watch how you apply it and how you compliment it.


(Top to bottom, Left to right) Maui Wowie, Deep End, Sellout, Fishnet, Stray Dog, Freakshow

Overall: This is a great palette but you have to know what looks good on your skin and complexion. The only reason I wouldn’t have bought this palette myself is because of the colors. I favor natural shadows more. But other than that they are all great shadows! I would recommend this to a friend!

Please leave you comments on this review and if you think you’d purchase it! I’d also love it if you would request more reviews and post ideas for the future! Thanks!

Project Runway Episode #2: Glitz Glam and Tears

project runway 1


            I really love watching Project runway so I thought that I should make weekly blog posts reviewing the episodes and giving my feedback! Hope you enjoy and please comment any notes, feedback, or comments you’d like to add! Thanks! This episode’s challenge was to create a garment that compliments each model’s diamond necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The designers had one day to complete the piece and there were many words thrown around, and tears! Here we go!


Timothy’s organic attitude is very annoying. He’s making a dress out of trash and thrown out fabrics…… I think his snooty remark about not being excited for the challenge because of the diamonds was really bad! Plus halfway into the episode he begins using a sewing machine, which in the first episode he deemed sewing machines unsustainable.

I love Justin, the deaf designer!  He literally just took his hearing aid off, and he was just like whatever I don’t want to hear this and accidentally sew my finger *takes off hearing aid*

Sue should’ve been grateful for Dom’s help! Dom had a dress to complete just like her, and she took time out to help you wind your bobbin.

Wow! Sandro was using a lot of foul language and then when he pulled a crewmember to show him how to work the steamer I think that was very inappropriate of him!

Tim’s comment when he said that there was nothing she could do now was kind of bad, but I admit I giggled.

That was a very mean comment to Timothy, because she basically was like so when are you going home… I’ve also noticed that everyone is ganging up on Timothy, and although I’m not necessarily rooting for him, they were being very mean and rude. But to be completely honest, I found it funny how when Timothy went into the room to tell them that he was still in, there was no excitement, just a little murmur

I think that Helen’s initial breakdown when her piece walked out onto the runway was real and authentic, but as the episode went on and she found out she was in the bottom I think she decided to pull the

Review of the Top looks:

Dom: nice movement, looks like Vera Bradley type print, It kind of looks like a Greek drapery in the back, very oriental, I didn’t really like the lining that she put on the edges of her dress. They are very messy and look last minute.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 5.07.34 PM

Kahindo: weird fabric, does something weird at the bottom that looks unfinished, it kind of looks like a rug, an ugly work dress, something that you could get at a department store, looks very average. Initially Kahindo chose a very unflattering fabric for her dress, but Tim Gunn helped with that by adding a layer of tool over the dress to mute the colors. There was very poor construction and skill put into this garment.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 5.12.45 PM

Kate: Queen-y, the shoulder looks like it feel on accident, Marie Antoinette, pretty, her dress really compliments her necklace; I love the sheer corset on the side. This piece was very elegant and well put together. I really love what she did with the drapery and the corset, I think she put a lot of effort into this piece and it turned out very well.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 5.14.41 PM

Timothy: really weird and basic, odd shape of fabric at the bottom, looks like American apparel, a lot is happening in the front of the dress that takes attention away from the necklace, the back looks boring and it looks like an odd vest. The shape at the bottom of the dress makes it look like he ran out of blue velvet fabric and had to compromise. The razorback in the front is very odd, and Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum brought up a good point, what bra do you wear with this dress. The two sides of white make the dress loo like it has an attached vest and it just looks very messy and unorganized to me. The horrible construction of the piece also took away from the jewels on the model’s neck.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 5.21.21 PM

Sandro: too curvy, I don’t like the sheer panels, it looks like he ran out of fabric in the center or his look, it’s slanted so it doesn’t look very clean, compliments her body shape, Trashy, I like the design and folding of the fabric on the top of the dressI think the lace and the sheer panels on the side put it more on the trashy side instead of modern. The wrinkles on the front are very unflattering, and the design that he sewed on the back sort of looked like the dress was inside out (open seams and odd lines)

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 5.17.29 PM

Helen: doesn’t fit, weird bottom, and weird tight shape on the leg, horrible ruching in the back, horrible bust cups, she shouldn’t have took the risk, you can hardly see the jewels, the intense designs and flaws on the dress take away from her dress, not flattering at all for the bust. It was very bed for her to have tried busts for the first time on the show, because as the other designers were saying it’s a very complicated skill to master.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 5.12.56 PM


I think Kate deserved to win with this challenge; my decision was between her and Dom, so I felt that their pieces were equal. I think it was awesome that Helen got to stay. Lastly, I think that timothy should have been the one eliminated, his first two designs were ugly, and basic, and poorly constructed. He has slipped up twice so I thought surely that the judges would let him go this time.

Thank you so much for reading, and look back next friday for my episode 3 review! Please comment your opinions about this episode or post!

OOTD: Flowy Floral

Today I’m going out to roller-skate so I really wanted to wear a shirt that would look “cool” while I was skating so I chose this flowy, floral printed shirt, because I imagined it would look pretty when the wind hit it! I went outside with my brother and we had a little mini photo shoot and the results were pretty good if I must say so!



  • Loose Floral Shirt: Forever 21
  • Braided Waist Shorts: Forever 21
  • Brown Belt: Old Navy
  • Shoes: Black Toms
  • White Tank Top: BP by Nordstroms

Makeup Review: Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Luminizer

I went to the mall last weekend and I meant to buy outfits, but I literally couldn’t find anything, so I went into Sephora and I spent around an hour in there and bought one product….Yea I’m a little shopping challenged. Well anyway I went in looking for a product that I could put over my whole face that would give my skin a  glow, and I found just that! Lets get to the review!

Casing: The holder is easy to open and close, light, simple, and basic.

Price: $12.95, a price I was willing to pay for hoping I’d use it everyday, and since the product is coming from Sephora


IMG_4267Product: I absolutely love this product! It does exactly what I wanted it to do! It covers my skin smoothly and it’s even. Although there is some glitter in it, it spreads well so you don’t have spots of glitter. Its very sheer, light, and casual, and I would recommend it as something you put on daily to to finish any look! As you can see in the two picture of my hand, its very natural and good for any casual or extravagant look.


Main Point: I would reccomend this to a friend, and I will most likely be buying another once I use this one.

Thanks for reading, and please comment any of your thoughts!


I adore this blue and the orange is such a good accent (since it’s blue’s complimentary color)! The blue is For Audrey (China Glaze) and the orange is A Roll in the Hague (O.P.I.). Coincidentally the nail polish matches my cracked iPhone, and I just love my nail polish collection!

Rainy Day OOTD

Today was a rainy day so I couldn’t go outside to take my pics 😦 But I loved my outfit so I just had to post it! Thanks to my brother for taking the pictures! Today I put together a lacy peplum shirt, baby pink shorts, and black Toms. My hair was in a simple bun, and I was wearing very little makeup. Enjoy! And feel free to comment on my outfit, and other ways to style the look!