Peppy Peplum

We all known peplum as the cute little material that frill out from all types of celebrities waists. I know it as one of the easiest and most stylish looks to pull off. The peplum style has been shown on shirts, skirts, dresses, even shorts. If you want to ad a peplum to any outfit you can simply buy a belt that will give you the peplum effect. Celebrities such as Cat Deely, January Jones, Beyonce, Kate Middleton, Evan Rachel Wood, and more have been spotted porting this distinctive look. So tell me, Do you think you can rock the peplum trend or is it one that you’d rather pass up on? 

7 thoughts on “Peppy Peplum

  1. Wow! We had no idea there was a peplum belt. This is much more trendy than the peplum attached to the dress. You can add the look anytime you want! Great post.

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