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So I’m starting this blog and I really want it to take off during the summer! So during that time there will be more posts of my actual clothing ( I wear a uniform :/ )! My first few posts have seemed a little robotic and fashion blog “cookie cutter” and maybe inhuman (hardly any emotion or feeling in the posts) , but I assure you once the summer starts you will be hearing a lot more from me!


Billboard Awards 2013 Trend: Dress Slits

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This year’s Bilboard Music Awards was one that didn’t just pass by as another award show. Between Miguel falling on an audience member’s neck, Nicki Minaj’s lap dance for Lil Wayne, the Psy/Tracy Morgan dance off, and Chris Browns “interesting” vocals, this will surely be an award show that will be remembered. But we all know the dresses were one of the main components that anyone talks about after an award show, and a common theme between the celebrities were showing legs through sheer fabric or risky slits. I personally an not a big fan of slits in fear of what the wind may do at anytime, but they do look amazing and automatically elongates your legs. Selena Gomez, Ke$ha, Kelly Rowland, and JLo were all wearing dresses with their (amazing) legs exposed. So how do you feel? Do you think that Ke$ha’s choice was over line or just right for her personality? Was Selena Gomez too far on the futuristic side, or did she perfectly present the modern dress? Feel free to comment below. Thank You!